Apple Watch and Task Oriented Watch Faces

After having spent a lot of time reading reviews, watching videos, and learning as much as possible about the Apple Watch without having one, I've decided to pursue a lightweight type of app concept I've chosen to call Task Oriented Watch Faces.

These are apps meant to be worn while performing activities which make two handed use of the watch inconvenient, but where you’d want quick access to relevant information by glancing at your watch. I've started work on a rock climbing app under the working title Upp (the Swedish word for up).

The concept of task oriented watch faces is based on the capability to set the watch to show the latest shown screen when it's awaken, instead of showing the regular watch face. Using this setting the wearer can use Upp as a temporary watch face during their climb to get instant access to how high they've climbed since setting off.

Upp watch interface mockup

Upp watch interface mockup

On-the-watch interactivity will be limited. The idea being you launch the app before starting your climb and then access it by raising your wrist anytime you want to see the current altitude status.

I have ideas for other Task Oriented Watch Faces, but at the moment I'm focusing on Upp and am in need of Watch wearing beta testers. Please get in touch if you are willing to help out.