Tesla Model 3 Unplugged – Summer edition

This is a follow up to my previous post about monitoring the phantom drain of my Model 3's battery as it sat parked for an extended period of time last winter.

Phantom Drain Summer 2019.png

Over 7 weeks this summer I remotely monitored the charge state of my car while I was away on vacation. During this time the state of charge dropped from 85% to 72%, meaning I saw not quite 2% of battery drain per week as the car sat parked in the garage.

The charge state was checked weekly using the Tesla app, thus allowing the car to remain at its low power sleep state for longer durations than during my last experiment when I took daily readings. I believe this explains why the drain was significantly lower this time around.

Car specification: Long Range Rear Wheel Drive Tesla Model 3, firmware version 2019.20.4, Sentry mode disabled.